Nowadays, when we are virtually connected all the time and everything is in the network, we need to make sure that our business, personal data and finances are well protected from theft or manipulation. The right approach is to protect in the best possible way the systems which we are plannning use, and only then to connect them to the network… (read more)
Scada Solutions

Industrial and SCADA

The rapid pace of industrialization, as well as the use of artificial intelligence in managing and controlling the production, transport and storage of products and raw materials, requires a suitable class of connectivity technologies. These technologies must meet extremely high requirements for reliability, working under extreme conditions and protection... (read more)

Billing Systems


Building a successful telecom business always requiers accurate reporting and ability to offer flexible bundled services. The rapid response to market changes is a key factor for success and generating more revenue at the right time. All of this is only possible with a well-chosen and built billing system that works flawlessly at any time… (read more)

Wireless Solutions


In the modern world, the connectivity of everyone and everything, even in the most distant parts of the country, is considered to be a given. This is only possible with the use of high-speed wireless technologies.

These solutions have specific requirements that are sometimes not taken into account, which leads to… (read more)

Smart City

Digital Training

In the era of rapid changes in technology and transfer of more and more business activities in the Internet, we offer a new approach to the training of your employees, which is adequate to the new realities and requirements, without leaving the workplace, online based: small portions training material distributed by weekly emails in English (or your native language) in an easy to understand form, video tutorials, 360 degree photo simulating work environment, tests and detailed reports with the results…(read more)
Consultancy and Engineering

Consultancy and Engineering

We offer consulting services related to every aspect of your business or project. Planning and preliminary analyses are the key factor for the success of each venture. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Market niche assessment
  • Budget assessment, technical parameters and time required for construction… (read more)