CybersecurityNowadays, when we are virtually connected all the time and everything is in the network, we need to make sure that our business, personal data and finances are well protected from theft or manipulation. The right approach is to protect in the best possible way the systems which we are plannning use, and only then to connect them to the network.

Radesol Bulgaria offers a full range of cyber security solutions and services. Together with our RAD-Bynet Group partners, we have many years of experience in this field, as well as access to the latest technologies to protect your data.  


  • Full expert analysis of possible cyberattack vectors
  • Establishing procedures for action in the event of an attack
  • Integration of a security solution
  • Planning for the future according to the development strategy
  • Staff training and regular updates on new threats
  • Testing of built-in protection

WHY Cybersecurity?

A good level of cyber security guarantees the safety of our data, finances, and even our lives. Because of that, it is the top priority in times in which physical and virtual reality is merged.