In the modern world, the connectivity of everyone and everything, even in the most distant parts of the country, is considered to be a given. This is only possible with the use of high-speed wireless technologies.

Wireless SolutionsThese solutions have specific requirements that are sometimes not taken into account, which leads to compromising the services provided through them.

Such considerations are, for example, signal levels, presence of nearby airports and radar, radio planning, calculation of speed needs now and within 5 years.

Wireless transmission is also the target of cyber attacks, as traffic can be intercepted, and this also requires the use of proven encryption technologies such as AES 256. This encryption should not affect the stability of the equipment that would result in interruptions or deviations from the set parameters.

Another direction is the construction of wireless transport systems that can carry large amounts of information, such as video, even when vehicles are moving at speeds above 160km/h.

We have built hundreds of points on high-speed wireless links that operate seamlessly, thanks to proper planning and new technologies supporting radio connectivity such as: Frequency hopping, uplink/downlink bandwidth adjustment and other advanced techniques.